Luci Reynolds – BP

bpI always start thinking every time I leave any conversation with Fiona. That’s what she makes me do – she makes me think. Hard. About important things and whether I’m prioritising them. And she challenges me to find inventive ways to do the things that I want to do in the midst of all the ‘other stuff’ that we all have to do. She gives me a boost, a perspective, usually several perspectives. And lots of ideas.

I’d describe Fiona’s style as ‘right for me.’ And I know she adapts that style with others so it’s ‘right for them.’ I like to be challenged, to look at solutions and make plans. She’s a listener, but most of all, for me she’s a source of ideas and alternatives, of ways to make things happen. She looks at the whole picture and what makes me tick, but also the needs and ambitions of those around me, and what’s right for all of us. So they’re always pretty inspiring conversations, and I love exploring opportunities, but they’re balanced and based in realism so that my family really benefit too, and we can make changes and decisions that work for all of us.

As long as I’ve known her, Fiona’s been passionate about people and their potential. Even in a big corporate environment where options can feel limited, or there’s a certain style, track and expectations of how things will be – she’ll find a way to break things down, connect me to people and networks and resources that can help, and encourage me to think differently and make things happen. She’s great at that…

Luci Reynolds, Senior Manager, BP

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