Rashid Al-Marri – Nakilat

nakilatI really enjoyed working with Daniel and learning from him. Before he joined us [at South Hook Gas], there was no clear communications strategy or mapping of the important company stakeholders. Daniel worked hard to develop the right communication systems and relationships and these certainly contributed to South Hook Gas being recognised as Europe’s leading importer of liquefied natural gas.

Personally, I find Daniel approachable, which is an important skill for a communicator. He is passionate about developing others and made sure that the Leadership Team had the skills and confidence to build effective long-term relationships with the people and organisations most important to the company.

As a Qatari working in the UK, it was invaluable to have someone on my side who understood how things worked locally. Whether we were meeting with a minister or ambassador, or speaking at an industry conference, Daniel made sure that things were in place so that I could represent the company effectively.

There are a lot of positive points about Daniel. For me, these include his strong technical background in communications, his energy, his honest broker style, dedication to do what’s right for the company and his desire to support others.”

Rashid Al-Marri, formerly Director & General Manager, South Hook Gas, now Administration Director, Nakilat

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