Reyad Fezzani – Regenerate Power

regenerate-powerFiona Maher is an accomplished and experienced coach, change agent and communications professional. During my time as CEO of BP’s Global Petrochemicals business and then CEO of BP’s Wind and Solar division, I had extensive experience of working with her in all three dimensions of her expertise.

Fiona provided coaching to leadership teams, to individuals across the spectrum of operations and to myself. Her style is direct, culturally sensitive and she can handle both hard and soft. She excels in situations where the case for change is to be made then executed. For example, she supported a massive restructuring of the Solar business, working as a coach to the leadership team and the principle change manager on the programme. Fiona also provided communications expertise (both strategic and execution) and helped the team through the process of creating the business case.

In both organizations Fiona dealt with US, European and Asian cultures and thrived in the challenge and the diversity. This was a critical issue for a global business where there was a need to create a single vision.

“Fiona is a delight to work with energizing, committed, thoughtful and perceptive, and business minded. I would hire her again without hesitation.

Reyad Fezzani, formerly Chief Executive, BP Wind & Solar, now Chairman and CEO, Regenerate Power

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