Richard Cave-Bigley – BP

bpFiona is a great coach. She has a rare combination of skills: not only does she understand how human beings work exceptionally well, but she is also great at inspiring you to step up to the next level. Fiona has a natural ability to help you hold a mirror up to yourself, and build your self-awareness in a way that is hugely valuable.

I can particularly recommend her if you want to explore and build on the way you communicate and motivate others. Fiona is a consummate communications professional and a smart business person, having worked at exec level in the corporate world. I’ve recently invested several months in a business opportunity and wanted to use some of that time to invest in my skills – in particular to review and develop how I personally communicate with, inspire and motivate others. I immediately thought of Fiona, and certainly made the right decision.

A pleasure to work with – energetic, sympathetic, focused, a wonderful sense of humour – I can very much recommend her.

Richard Cave-Bigley, Director, Epanecho, formerly Business Developer, BP Alternative Energy

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