Leadership coaching

It is rare for a company to have sustainable financial performance unless its leaders and managers are working well as individuals, in teams and across the organisation. At Serekinti, we help business leaders to be successful in all aspects of their roles.

Individuals: Performing at your best

For individual leaders to perform at their best, they need to know themselves well, understand what they need, and be able to access all their strengths and resources. Unless they’re able to do this, during times of stress or pressure, performance is likely to drop. Over a prolonged period, this can have an impact on the company and the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

We work with leaders in small and large firms, helping them be successful. The one-to-one coaching support we provide can be where we:

  • act as a thinking partner – to explore new ideas, alternative approaches, different perspectives and options
  • help leaders think about what they are really capable of and how to access this
  • support leaders in building their technical and stylistic skills to make it to that next level and
  • encourage leaders to think about their personal brand and how they communicate so that these support the business and their career goals

With some of our clients, our role is a visible one, for example attending team meetings or events. For other clients, we are very much behind the scenes. We’re happy to work both ways.

Teams: Turning top teams into great teams

An organisation’s top team is a key element to the business’s success. However, it is not unusual for people to have made it to that table because of their own, individual high performance rather than through successful collaboration.

If the natural orientation of the team is not synergistic, then the full capability of the team never truly gets used. As an analogy, it’s similar to having a Formula 1 car that is only ever driven on winding B roads! And in some cases, if individualism is a dominant behaviour within the team, precious energy is consumed by in-house game playing instead of focussing on winning in the market.

We work with organisations to find the right people for roles and put practices in place that make the best use of the combined skills and strengths of the team. Some ways that we can make a difference include:

  • working with HR to build profiles of ideal team members and then assessing potential candidates using some of the most sophisticated tools on the market
  • helping teams see the value of working in a synergistic way – and accelerating them through the standard stages of group development
  • facilitating meetings and planning events to make best use of the skills and abilities of everyone in the room and
  • helping teams to deal with fast-paced change – such as before, during or after a major project or reorganisation

Organisations: Creating an environment that brings out the best in your people

People perform better when they are in environments that support them as employees and as people. For example, when personal values and the business values align, when being great at work isn’t prohibitive to being a success outside the workplace too, when there is sense of mutual respect, and when key expectations and needs on both sides are honoured. Whilst the employment contract may be a generic, legal document, the emotional contract is a very human, personal one.

Leadership behaviour, organisational systems (such as reward and pay, working environments, etc.) and what is actively communicated to employees, all send messages about ‘what is important in this business’. Of the three sources, leadership behaviour has the highest impact on employee behaviour.



Often working alongside HR professionals, we support leaders to make sure that how they work brings out the best in their employee’s performance. We do this by looking at the way the corporate culture operates, by providing communication (and engagement) coaching, checking that the organisational systems support the company values and goals, and training leaders to be coaches and mentors to their teams and colleagues.

Fiona is a delight to work with – energizing, committed, thoughtful, perceptive, and business minded. I would hire her again without hesitation.”… [read more]
(Reyad Fezzani, CEO Global Petrochemicals, BP and CEO Wind and Solar)