Life coaching

People find profound meaning in life when they are purposely employed – in whatever shape or form that takes. It is an important aspect of our lives but it also needs to balance and support other parts of who we are.

All our coaching draws on life coaching techniques. Whether you are a director of a large business running a busy sales team, a mum finishing maternity leave or a student just beginning to engage with the world of work, we will help you look at all aspects of your life so that any plans or decisions you make nourish, support and develop you holistically. We believe that unless you take on board this wider context, you (or your business) are unlikely to flourish over the long term.

Leading the life that you want

It’s not unusual in this busy day and age to hit a stage when you feel that things have got out of balance.

Are you working hard and not getting enough exercise? Are you trying to meet the demands of family and work, and have the sense that no one is winning? Are you tired and eating what’s easy rather than what your body really needs? Does that dream of running the marathon seem a distant memory?

We work with people of all ages and at all stages to help them build holistic life plans that identify what’s important to them at this time, how to keep things in balance, and provide support to help make them a reality.

In short, we act as a catalyst to help you lead the life you’re meant to be leading versus the one that you currently are.


Dealing with change

Some people find major change profoundly energising. Some people do not.

When you’re very close to the experience, it can sometimes be hard to get a sense of all the options and choices that you have. But they are there.

We sit alongside people and help them to get the best out of the changes they are facing – career, job, home, etc. We do this by helping them connect to all the options, all the possibilities, all the choices that they have.


[Fiona’s] coaching skills and bravery mean she can hold a mirror up to those who are open to change and can also deliver the technical know-how to develop others to have more impact, influence and reach their potential.”… [read more]
(Kevin Chapman, formerly, Director, TowersPerrin, now Director, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts)

[Fiona] is most powerful is when working as a personal coach. Her energy, dedication and sheer passion is evident when she is helping individuals to engage to their own capacity for achieving great things.”… [read more]
(Angie Marquardt, Downstream PSCM Global Operations Director, BP)