There are many similarities between the role of coach and mentor. Both are relationships that focus on growth.

That said, in our experience, one of the main differences between the two roles is in a mentor/mentee relationship, there is a more active focus on specific skills or technical knowledge transfer. This means that the mentor is usually more experienced in a particular field than the mentee – and that is one of the core reasons for coming together.

Our mentoring tends to take two forms:

  • helping coaches to coach
  • helping communications and change practitioners

Helping coaches to coach

Coaching is a really enriching career. It is also a life-long journey. You never stop learning, you never stop growing.

People come to coaching from many different directions and with different backgrounds. Our experience is that this is helpful. We all start at different places, our kit bags hold different tools and that equips us to help our clients in different ways. The trick is to be conscious of your practice – that means understanding who you are, how you work, the gifts, the limitations, etc. so that you are able to work with integrity and insight.

We specialise in transformational coaching, so, when we work as mentors to coaches, it tends to fall into encouraging and supporting you in four key areas:

  • knowing yourself (at many levels)
  • supporting your search for learning and wisdom (this may come in unusual wrappings!)
  • expanding your kitbag of tools and techniques that can help people to make profound shifts and
  • practice, practice, practice

We work alongside coaches to transfer our knowledge, insight and experiences and combine this with hands-on practical supervisory type support e.g. helping coaches prepare and develop their approaches before they work with clients and then running reflection and development sessions afterwards.

Helping communications and change practitioners

Having spent decades as communications and change practitioners in large, complex organisations, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to thrive in these roles.

Whether you’re:

  • building and developing a team
  • restructuring to suit the business needs
  • wanting to get a voice at the top table
  • aiming to delight your clients with creative solutions and great results or
  • needing to work really well with suppliers to execute a complex, sensitive project

…we can support you.

We’ve worked in international roles, run teams, restructured departments, managed global major change programmes, dealt with stock market sensitive issues and helped our clients take their communications to the next level.

Whether it’s sitting round a table together, or discreetly behind the scenes, our aim is to help you shine. We’ll also focus on helping you grow and develop through the process, so that next time you’re faced with a similar challenge, you’ll be able to manage it on your own with confidence and skill.

Fiona asks simple questions that open up big conversations. She is a very, very good listener and her attention to you makes you pay attention to yourself. As the conversation develops, you may well wonder why you haven’t asked yourself the same questions years ago. The process is refreshing, insightful, human and optimistic. It’s also fun – a spa for the mind.”… [read more]
(Michael Croton, Owner, Albion Communication, formerly Group Head of Internal Communications, BP)