What type of coaching do we do?

Coaching means different things to different people. One way of describing the different forms of coaching is:

  • Performance coaching (what other people see) – This is about helping you do something better. The focus tends to be on the mind and/or the body and the coach often shares their direct experience or knowledge
  • Transitional coaching (what you see/feel/want/fear) – This is about helping you through a period of significant change and managing the emotions that arise. The coach often acts as a catalyst to help you see opportunity, choice and strength when this may not be what you initially perceive
  • Transformational coaching (your core beliefs/values/attitudes/approach to life) – This is about helping you understand the person you are. It helps you connect to why you think what you think, do what you do, feel what you feel, so you always have choice. It gives you the opportunity to develop or change how you see yourself, see others, behave, run your business, hold relationships or live your life. Transformational coaching works at the level of the mind, body and essential self, and the coach acts as a facilitator of enriching self-discovery
Where the magic hasppen
We coach in all three areas, but specialise in transformational coaching. That means we can help you perform better. We can also help you manage change well. And if what you’re really looking to do is make a sustainable step change in your business or your life, we have the holistic skill-set and expertise to enable you to get there too.

To help you, we draw on our:

  • decades of experience sitting at top level board tables
  • knowledge of business and what makes a successful one
  • deep curiosity about people (psychology, organisational psychology, neuropsychology, child development, educational systems and learning)
  • awareness of philosophies and practices that promote sustainable health and balance
  • understanding of the connections between the body, mind and your essential being