Develop your communications expertise

We can help you launch that product, or deal with that issue, but long-term, it makes business sense if you have the skills to manage these activities yourself. One way to achieve this is by giving your leaders and managers the tools and training to become better communicators.

In addition, we can improve your communications capability by making sure that you have the right communications team to meet the current and future needs of the organisation.

We can also work with you to develop or review your corporate culture. This isn’t just about some statement on the notice board by the coffee machine. This is about making sure that your values are reflected in everything that you do – whether that be what you say to your people, how you advertise yourself, your HR policies, your payment terms for suppliers, your work environment and the products and services that you provide for customers. When they are all aligned, you have the makings of a very powerful brand. When they are not, you create reputational risk.

Here are some specific areas where we could help you:

  • Identifying key stakeholders and creating a stakeholder matrix
  • Designing a communications strategy and plan
  • Analysing the best communication channels to reach your audiences
  • Key messaging
  • Brand development
  • Communications processes and systems
  • Media training or recruitment of spokespeople or communicators

[Daniel] is passionate about developing others and made sure that the Leadership Team had the skills and confidence to build effective long-term relationships with the people and organisations most important to the company.”… [read more]
(Rashid Al-Marri, formerly Director & General Manager, South Hook Gas, now Administration Director, Nakilat)

When you have the right communications capabilities, you should hear things like:

“We’ve had some really useful feedback from our employees about the new product…”

“We were able to reach the company today and they confirmed…”

“We’ve been contacted to speak at their next event…”

“The brand guidelines and templates came in handy…”

“The Government has asked us to be on the committee…”

“The community consultation for the proposed project went well and so we were able to save six months off the build time…”