Enhance your reputation

Successful communications depends on successful relationships. To understand where you are currently, consider:

  • Who are your most profitable customers and what have you done to build the relationship with them?
  • How do your employees feel about working for you? Who do they share their views with?
  • Who are your local politicians and do they know what you do?
  • Which journalists cover your industry or your locality?
  • What factors makes your organisation special? Does everyone know about them?
If you only know the answers to some of these questions, then perhaps you could be doing more to build your reputation.

Fiona worked as my Communications Director for three years in BP and coached my leadership team in building the right communications with important audiences inside and outside of the organisation.”… [read more]
(John Leggate, formerly CIO, BP, now Managing Partner, Quintal Partners)

If your reputation is positive and well established, you should hear things like:

“There’s a real buzz amongst our customers about our new launch…”

“The Government’s new policy incorporates our ideas on X…”

“Visitor numbers to our website have doubled since it was revamped…”

“We don’t have a high staff turnover. Our absentee and sickness rates are low and when we ask our people, they say they like working here…”

“We’re starting to see more good candidates for jobs since we started our new advertising campaign…”

“The CEO was pleased with the profile article that appeared last week…”